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Oleg Semenovich Livertovsky 027 Born in the city of Znamenka, Kirovograd region, Ukraine on July 8, 1947. Professional lawyer. He served in the internal affairs bodies, police major. After serving in the internal affairs bodies, he worked in a number of industrial enterprises as a lawyer. In the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the V convocation, he worked as an Assistant to a Deputy. I have been fond of collecting matchsticks since 1957, when I first drew serious attention to the labels dedicated to the VI World Festival of Youth and Students, which took place in Moscow. From 1966 to 1969 he served in the ranks of the Soviet Army. Then there was a service in the internal affairs bodies of the city of Moscow, study, combined with service, at the evening faculty of a higher educational institution. He resumed active collecting of match labels in 1987. In the same year he was admitted to the Moscow Club of Philumenists «Souvenir» named after V.M. Bogdanov. In 1966, before being drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces, by chance, I acquired the 4th issue of the magazine «Soviet Collector» where, under the heading «Philumenia», I first encountered the name of the author of the article "Design of the collection of match labels" - Vladimir Bogdanov (p. 115 ). V. Bogdanov's recommendations on the design of the collection formed the basis for the further design and construction of all collection material by me. I prefer paper match labels. Today the collection is about 300,000 (three thousand) pieces. I try to be creative in the design of each individual sheet of my numerous collectible albums, to the placement of souvenir sets, individual series and even single match labels, actively using the promising possibilities of the Internet and computer technology. The collection reflects numerous match labels of various thematic focus and period of time, both from former Soviet match factories and foreign manufacturers. I am a participant in a number of philumenistic exhibitions.
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