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Samir Arya 061 I am Samir Arya from Gujarat INDIA and I’m working as a Directors in three companies (Mumbai) and as a hobby of collecting of matchbox,labels & other related to matches in my collection. I started my collection from May 2019,and I have collected over 10,000 INDIAN matchbox, labels & other items related to matches. The oldest labels in my collection date 05/09/1913. My favorite theme is Indian gods and goddesses, mythology. And other like Hero-Heroine, Birds, Animals, Flower, Transports, Pride India Related, and more than 121 themed I have collected. I spends considerable time and search new matchboxes from different panwallas, small grossary stores, also picked up from road. Even on holiday i search new matchboxes. I achieved THREE records. Indian Book Of Records ASSIST World Record Record Holders Republic
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